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  1. What does Steelehouse Do?


    What Does Steelehouse Do?

    Steelehouse moves people through moving stories and moving visuals. Our team of storytellers and artists craft experiences through the mediums of live action, motion design, character animation and virtual reality to move hearts and minds.

    Whether it’s a new idea, an ancient truth, or a solution for sale, we create content that turns ideas into passionate movements. We convert audiences into raving fans, and place products and services off the shelves and into customers’ hands.

    We’ve updated our Show Reel to demonstrate and celebrate the best and latest opportunities Steelehouse has taken to do what we love. We hope viewing it moves you to think about the hearts and minds you need to influence. Contact us, share your story, and let’s get your next mission moving.

    You can watch the 2016 Show Reel here!

  2. Design in Motion

    Design In Motion

    What is motion design? It’s an evolving art form that Steelehouse is heavily invested in and leveraging for its clients. One of the challenges facing motion design as a new medium is trying to define and distinguish it from other forms such as live action and animation. In a recent article, Motionographer tackled some crucial industry questions, starting with one we hear often – “How is it defined?” Motionographer explained it in the best way we have seen when it stated,

    Motion design is a seductive blend of graphic design, filmmaking and animation. It doesn’t get much sexier than that.

    Recent examples of our work in motion design for television commercials, cable programming and live event environments are highlighted below. For the quick overview, check out our updated motion design reel!
    Watch the Fall 2015 Motion Design Demo Reel

    Gun Stories
    We had the privilege of working for the Outdoor Channel on their Midway USA show, Gun Stories. The challenge for our team was to create visuals featuring notable aspects of 13 different firearms from the 16th century all the way to modern times. Using a shadowbox concept and taking cues from each time period for the aesthetic, we built a motion design sequence for each episode. 

    The Power of G
    Steelehouse recently produced a series of TV spots for Tulsa Gold & Gems. “The Power of G” campaign had one goal – cement the idea in the mind of the customer that it’s Tulsa Gold & GEMS and not a local competitor with a very similar name. Truly an example of how to blend graphic design, filmmaking and animation as defined above. Watch the spot and you can decide whether it’s sexy or not…

    Memory Gala 2015
    What we love about creating visuals for the Alzheimer’s Association of Oklahoma’s annual event is the creative collaboration and freedom Talmadge Powell extends to our team. This creative license has allowed us to push both our capabilities and the tools we use. Watch their event open video here.

  3. Dark Horse/Rexodus Announcement!


    Roughly a year ago Steelehouse announced that we partnered with Dark Horse Comics to publish our original intellectual property, Rexodus, as a comic book series and graphic novel. Today we are pleased to announce that volume one of Rexodus is available for pre-order from Dark Horse Comics! Thanks for being part of this long and rewarding journey with us!

    We have updated the Rexodus site to include several new features, as well as a download section where you can find exclusive wallpapers and cover photos! Also, don’t forget to connect with us on social media. We’ll be posting frequent updates to Facebook and Twitter during the San Diego Comic-Con, where we’ll be signing copies. And, of course, Kelvin will return in all his glory.

    Watch the Rexodus launch story here!
    Read the updated character bios here!
    Purchase the digital or print version of Rexodus here!

  4. Animation – Eddie Eagle and an Updated Reel


    One definition of animation is “the state of being full of life and energy.” Bringing worlds to life and filling characters with energy is a distinguishing specialty of Steelehouse. This month’s Steelehouse Status celebrates the power of animation as a medium for innovative creativity and storytelling.

    Over the past year, we’ve had the opportunity to work on numerous animation projects. From steampunk-inspired ocean life to talking birds of many feathers, it has been a great season of creativity and growth for our animation team. Our updated 2015 Animation Reel illustrates several of the notable projects worth viewing. Check it out!

    One of our most ambitious projects recently has been the revamping of the Eddie Eagle Gun Safety video. In 1988, the original Eddie Eagle animation was launched as the centerpiece of an educational gun safety program created by the NRA. Ackerman McQueen tasked Steelehouse to take their updated character line-up and craft a story, write songs, create a world and bring its characters to life in an animated short film for a new generation—children who must learn the life-saving knowledge of what to do if they find a gun. Stop! Don’t do anything else until you click this link.

  5. 2015 Show Reel


    It’s spring – a season for new life, fresh growth and spring cleaning. Here at Steelehouse, it’s time to look back at all we have accomplished in the last year and update our reels. Our new show reel showcases some of our best work in the mediums of live action, motion design and animation. Thank you to all who put your stories, brands and products in our hands and gave us a chance to do what we love. We hope you enjoy the new reel and keep us in mind for the projects in your world this spring. Watch the new Show Reel here!

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