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A creative studio of storytellers and visual artists who blend the mediums of live action, motion design and animation to engage audiences and build brands.

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Animation – Eddie Eagle and an Updated Reel

One definition of animation is “the state of being full of life and energy.” Bringing worlds to life and filling characters with energy is a distinguishing specialty of Steelehouse. This month’s Steelehouse Status celebrates the power of animation as a medium for innovative creativity and storytelling. Over the past year, we’ve had the opportunity to […]

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2015 Show Reel

It’s spring – a season for new life, fresh growth and spring cleaning. Here at Steelehouse, it’s time to look back at all we have accomplished in the last year and update our reels. Our new show reel showcases some of our best work in the mediums of live action, motion design and animation. Thank […]

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