Animation – Eddie Eagle and an Updated Reel

One definition of animation is “the state of being full of life and energy.” Bringing worlds to life and filling characters with energy is a distinguishing specialty of Steelehouse. This month’s Steelehouse Status celebrates the power of animation as a medium for innovative creativity and storytelling.

Over the past year, we’ve had the opportunity to work on numerous animation projects. From steampunk-inspired ocean life to talking birds of many feathers, it has been a great season of creativity and growth for our animation team. Our updated 2015 Animation Reel illustrates several of the notable projects worth viewing. Check it out!

One of our most ambitious projects recently has been the revamping of the Eddie Eagle Gun Safety video. In 1988, the original Eddie Eagle animation was launched as the centerpiece of an educational gun safety program created by the NRA. Ackerman McQueen tasked Steelehouse to take their updated character line-up and craft a story, write songs, create a world and bring its characters to life in an animated short film for a new generation—children who must learn the life-saving knowledge of what to do if they find a gun. Stop! Don’t do anything else until you click this link.